Hidoba research

A not-yet-known AI initiative in Hong Kong consisting of 5 humble people who believe they know how to change the world.

About Hidoba Research

Science is knowledge which we understand so well that we can teach it to a computer; and if we don’t fully understand something, it is an art to deal with it — Donald Knuth

We are 5 bright individuals aimed to exploit the ways to disrupt current trends in AI, science and art.

Each of us is opposite of your typical “AI researcher” in our thinking, life style, experience, goals, values. We are not the good obeying “social elements”; disruptive thinking is what makes our company special.

Do we actually do anything? Yes, but so far we prefer to talk about that privately (most probably, you already know some things, because if you are visiting that page, you have probably met one of us).


We are located in Hong Kong and are available for an appointment. You may contact our respectful staff at:

[email protected]